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I hang my head in shame

I can not believe it has been 9 months since I last posted in this blog.  Time has certainly flown by and there have been many changes.  At the time of last writing I was working on setting up a marketing consultancy as an off-shoot to my family business.  I have worked in marketing for the B2B sector, namely in professional services and I felt like I had something to offer other businesses that could perhaps not afford an in-house marketing team or who wanted some expert advice in an area they needed help with.

I worked with some fabulous companies on social media marketing and business development but, as inevitably happens, life takes over.  The demands of work in my family business increased and I made the decision late last year to concentrate all my efforts on improving the sales of our business and give up the consultancy work.

Suffice to say I have been a busy bee learning all about the convenience store sector and retail marketing… hence the neglected blog!

I make a promise to you…but mostly to myself to rectify this at once by sharing the journey I have been on from B2B marketer in professional services to B2C marketer in retail.

Stay tuned…..


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Interesting to read in marketing week that some restaurant chains (La Tasca and Yo Sushi) are moving away from vouchers towards loyalty schemes that will reward repeat custom and create loyalty.

In my view this is a good move.  Vouchers for these chains have become devalued.  Customers are looking for places to eat based on where they could get a voucher for rather than deciding which restaurant they prefer. Desire is therefore built around the best deal rather than preference for the restaurant, the food and/or the brand.

A friend once said to me that he would feel “cheated if he went to a particular Pizza chain and had to pay full price, as they always have a voucher offer on”.  I am sure that this establishment and others have done great business through these vouchers and have set their prices accordingly but you have to ask at what cost to the perceived value of their product?

Customers like to feel special and dining out, whilst more prevalent than ever, is still a luxury.  If everyone has a voucher for 2 meals for the price of one no-one feels special.

Some of these chains have a good product and they should have faith in their offering to pull in repeat business.


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