There is a lot of guff around marketing and there are many practitioners who hide behind jargon and complex concepts.  I work differently.  I am a straightforward and down-to-earth marketer with a sound knowledge of the principles of good marketing.

I am a Chartered Marketer which means I am continuously improving my professional skills and staying on top of recent developments. In 2011 I won Marketer of the Year in Leeds for my work at Gordons LLP a top 100 UK law firm.

In my experience business owners and leaders often know what their business needs and how they can improve performance. The best ideas often come from within the organisation but sometimes there is not the resource or resolve to make things happen.  This is where I come in.  I can help businesses understand what their issues are and how marketing strategy and tactics can resolve them.  I work with organisations to get to the heart of what needs to be done, help them plan and organise their activity, overcome any barriers and most of all make things happen.

Marketing is not rocket science it is common sense ideas implemented with enthusiasm and conviction.

If you would like a free 1 hour consultation to talk through any of your business issues please email me on or phone 07713 393 181


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