Single Lady Walks Into a Car Dealership

20 Mar

Interesting perspective, as a woman working in a dealership in the UK I do not recognise all of the experiences that the blogger had but she clearly met some very backward thinking individuals and some of the comments made to here are just unacceptable in this day and age. If I heard any of my sales team (we do have women as well as men) speaking to a customer in this way I would be furious. The blogger too the right approach……. if you go in prepared with the facts and do a bit of research yourself then you can always stand your ground.

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My family has owned early 90s Hondas for as long as I can remember. Our longest-maintained one, known alternately as The Terminator or the Honda of Doom for its menacing facade, resplendent with a missing gas tank door, and its ability to handily deal with every challenge and small animal thrown at it, long ago passed the 300,000 mile mark. It’s still going strong in its second life with a younger relative.

Three weeks ago my erstwhile Honda, a 1993 Accord affectionately known as Beige Betty with more than 209,000 miles on it, formally announced to everyone on I’s 70 and 63 in Missouri that she was in her death throes.  Heartbroken, I took her to a garage where the staff did a very poor job of concealing their disbelief when I asked whether it was worth it to repair the old girl. “…I mean…no. No. Look, you really shouldn’t…

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One response to “Single Lady Walks Into a Car Dealership

  1. flemmo1970

    March 20, 2014 at 1:28 pm

    Definitely the right approach to go in with a bit of research in advance and to know what you want. Also the best move to remember that you don’t have to buy before you leave – the car will still be there tomorrow but sometimes I’ve felt pressure to buy before I leave!


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